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Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns on my Sollux? If so, please don't be afraid to to leave it here; comments are screened and anon is enabled. Heavens know I need some help here, because this is the first time I've played him.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly through one of the following venues:

MUN: [personal profile] murkrows
AIM: giratinium
PLURK: [ profile] startropics
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[On the 25th, a video pops up on the PokéGear. If the thread hasn't gotten to that point yet, there will be a big, embarrassing temper tantrum involved on Sollux's part, over his inability to CATCH A FUCKING FOSSIL FISH while it's swarming. If anyone responds, he doesn't see it.]

[And then, several days later...]

hey guy2.
2o ii gue22 2ome of you mu2t have 2aw that viideo earliier, huh?
iif you diidnt, dont worry about iit, iiit2 not iimportant.
iin fact iit i2nt even real.
fuckiin fake.
kk and ii (kk being the shorter one) were just kiind of fuckiing aroudn on the pokégear and we got iin an argument for old tiimes 2ake. we do that all the tiime, it's ok, nothiing came of iit.
ii mean the argument wa2nt even real anyway.
fuckin fakey fake viideo.
becau2e ii diidnt.d efiiniitely not.
i don't even know why kk po2ted iit to be hone2t.

yeeah thats iit, captwor out

[Obviously, he's lying through his mutant oversized teeth. Feel free to mock him relentlessly; you'll probably get a nuclear breakdown on his point, but hey, at least it'll be funny.]
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That was... a trip.

[Phew. One Sollux Captor reporting for duty on the Gear, and he looks absolutely wiped out.] Like, seriously. Did someone shove pot brownies down my throat while I wasn't looking or something? Okay, let me tell you all what happened, because this is weird shit. If anyone's got an answer to how any of the past couple of days even happened, I am seriously interested in hearing it.

I'm pretty sure after we left Cianwood and went back because -- fuck if I know -- someone forgot something, and... well. I just found this off the Internet, but it was the most approximate image for what Cianwood looked like when we got back.

[Trainer 22413 [CAPTOR, SOLLUX] would like to send you a file.]


Flying numbers and everything.

I think something in there really fucked with Jake, though... he got sent home by the Powers that Be literally right after that, and I got his Zebstrika or whatever it's called. That cannot be a fucking coincidence. I lost both KN and AA getting back out, no idea where they are. And, oh yeah -- I just got transported across an entire fucking Region. This is fucking Lavender Town!

[Sollux looks around, and the next time he speaks, it's very quiet.]

...for fuck's sake, someone get me out of here.
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[Good evening, friends. Sollux kicks this feed off with a shot of four baby Pokémon -- a Dratini, Bulbasaur, Venipede, and Larvitar -- all kind of napping or something together. The Gear lingers on them for a second, and then twirls back around so everyone watching can get an eyeful of Sollux's hideous glasses. Oh god they're awful.] So, since Team Megido has now touched base in Olivine and I have nothing to do because, oh look, I already have my motherfucking Gym Badge [this was directed towards someone off-screen], I decided that now would be a great time to dick around a little on the PokéGear.

So, it's getting damn close to summer. The weather's getting warmer and it's fucking fabulous, I literally couldn't be happier with the current state of the thermometer right now. Unfortunately, all of the springtime fun and allergies and shit also meant that I have four freshly-hatched little asswipes crawling around all over the place. I think everyone's kind of sick of them by no-- oh, wait, did I say four? Sorry, meant five. [And the screen moves AGAIN, to a picture of an adorable baby Vullaby picking at her feathers.] Look at that bitch. Found her wandering around in the Safari Zone. Do you people know how long I've been looking for one of these? Way too fucking long.

[And then the feed goes back to him. Maybe he's done gloating about his altogether unremarkable accomplishments... maybe.] And now I'm going to get back on topic. Summer. Back on Trollplanet, the Dim Season didn't mean much except the night-time got hotter, and the day-time got... well, also hotter, but the sun also kind of scorched all of your skin off if you walked out there anyway. There weren't any of these... festivals or holidays or shit. In fact, there weren't any festivals at all.

So, what's the difference between a festival and those godawful parties? Please tell me they're at least bigger. I've been dragged to several holiday parties now and all of them have had too many people in not enough room.
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[Early on the morn of the seventeenth, this anonymous text message appears on the Network:]

PFC. Since I haven't heard anything about stopping the meeting in light of that rampage at the Department Store, it'll still be happening. Just be ready to move somewhere else if they tell us to; I'd say Route 35 would be a good place. So yeah, if you like Pokémon battling, come on up to the top of Goldenrod Depot in a few hours.

[And a few hours later, lurking on the rooftop of one Goldenrod Department Store is a kid with stupid glasses who seems more interested in his Pokégear than anything else. But that's really because people haven't showed up yet!! There's not a lot to suggest that there is even a thing still happening here, to be honest, no banners or anything. He... didn't really put in much effort to get snacks or anything, because there are vending machines right over there, and all the money people win can totally be used for food! ...And for the people who lose, they should have brought more money.]

[There's gonna be two subthreads below: mingling and battling. If two characters meet and want to duke it out, one of them should make a new thread under the battling comment, just to keep it neat.]
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[The feed turns on today to reveal one (1) nice, idyllic scene of the clearing in front of Azalea Forest. The sun is shining, (what's left of) the trees are rustling, and a bunch of Pokémon in the grass are beating the tar out of each other. ...No, wait, they're just playing. There's a lot of mis-aimed attacks and a fair bit of ear-biting, but the shrieks of pain from the other Pokémon are halted when the offending ear-biter gets levitated into the air and shaken around a little. Sollux's team is composed of five right now, four ickle babbies and one nearly-level-100 Claydol overseeing the shenanigans. (It is the one levitating the Pokémon who try foul play, of course.) An Eevee and Combee are facing off in one corner, and a Yamask and Shiny Mienfoo in the other, but shortly after the video begins that whole scene begins to deteriorate as it turns into a four-mon free for all. The Claydol apparently has no problem with this.]

CY, behind you! Pay attention!

[At Sollux's intervention (shouted from behind the PokéGear), the Combee known as Crystal flies upwards just in time to avoid a flying tackle from the Eevee, who spits angrily at her before lunging for someone else. We turn away from that delightful visage to a shot of Sollux, holding the Gear in one hand and a very strange Badge Case in the other. 'Strange' in the sense that the first two slots are filled with the Zephyr and Hive Badge, cuts directly to the Fog Badge, and then the Mineral Badge, and then a Kanto Volcano Badge all alone at the bottom.]

Remember, kids, sequence breaking is not cool. It makes for a lot of running around and embarrassingly easy wins later on. [He shuts the case and tosses it in his bag, ignoring the thrashing Yamask trapped in the air behind him. And yes -- you really don't want embarrassingly easy wins. Good way to get judged by the locals, those.] So anyway, yeah, new Badge get. I already swept the floor with Bugsy, though, so while everyone else is in Azalea I'm just hanging around. Looking at the Gear this morning, it looks like a bunch of you have your minds occupied with the Johto holiday dedicated to your weird-ass monoquadrant form of relationships. But for those of us who don't look gooey-eyed at anyone [Sollux has never been good at hiding his denial] what are the rest of you planning to do this Valenti--goddammit, NA, control yourself for thirty seconds, won't you?!

[He drops the Gear on the ground and runs over to the ruined scene behind him, where Naginata (the overly-ambitious Eevee) has now sunk her claws a bit too hard into Crystal's wings, and one of them has been torn into ribbons. After freaking out and shouting a few words that should never, ever be said in front of young Pokémon, Sollux storms back over and turns off the Gear.]

[That night, an anonymous text message pops up on the Network. Anyone who tries to respond will get no reply.]

Psst. Who's sticking around in Goldenrod after the breeder con? Probably a lot of you. Noontime, February 17, on top of the Goldenrod Department Store. PFC, Egg-watching services available.
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Hi boys and girls, it's Sollux again.

A while ago I threw up a post about some shit with battling and armbands, you know the one. Been mentioning a lot of shit about official rules and procedures for joining, what the fuck ever, and here they are.

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 This is the admin email for the Pokémon Fight Club.
Membership submissions, complaints, questions, etc. go here. One of several people (Sollux or Aradia mostly) can respond.
Mass messages will be posted to the PokéGear network by an ordinary Gear (I'm not going to make you track this), but they will always have 'admin@pfc.pkgr' as the first line of the message.
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Hello PokéGear network, this is your captain speaking.

At least I might as well be. This is Sollux Captor, aka the guy who may as well have repaired every single damn Gear in the Johto-Kanto area, and I'm not here to talk about my shitty job. I'm here to talk about why I'm not using hideous mustard-yellow text: it's because i'm about to spill a textdump and, for the first time in my life, mind, I'm using the normal font for your convenience.

It's recently come to my attention that all of you suck, suck, suck at battling.

Not at the technique or the power, no. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are great at that. But for every Trainer who isn't aiming to be the top of the Pokémon League, and are just doing this for whatever reason, let me ask you something: the only Pokémon you've fought with in the past month have been wild ones, right? To train your Pokémon? If you're like most people, I'm right. We have here a world inhabited by creatures of immense magical and physical power, and we're not even using any of them... even though we make them fight the local wildlife critters as though we are. Doesn't that strike you as a little bit retarded?

So for this reason, I've had some nice chats with some friends of mine for this idea I got the other day.

It's called the Pokémon Fight Club. That is exactly what it is.

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[Sollux has been wandering around all by his lonesome since the Cinnabar incident, letting Karkat and Vanitas have their... alone time without a third wheel intruding. He's sure they were very grateful, but didn't actually get around to telling them he was leaving, so he couldn't be sure. He's been doing his own wanderings all over the place, contemplating maybe getting Badges or something... and never actually getting any Badges. Good job, Sollux. But now it's time to actually kick his ass back into gear; the Pokémon are getting antsy from all this wanderlust. He can feel it by the way Fefero slams him over the head with a cannon. That's a bored cannon.]

[There's a really quick video post up on the Network now; it looks like he's sitting on a beach, Axolotl the Absol on his lap as usual. Resting in Olivine does have its perks.]

Anyone in Johto know a place to go for the holidays? Preferably in a town with a Gym? [And yet he hasn't left the city yet.] I feel like integrating myself with the locals and getting my ass out of this chair at the same time.
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[We understand that today must be a very trying day for all of you, and that your blood pressure is probably already on the rise, so we're trying to make things easier by not having any sudden incidents to shock you. ...Of course, Sollux doesn't agree. Because he's back in his own skin again, and with his own skin comes his own powers as well. So if anyone happens to look up at the sky over, well, practically any corner of Johto or Kanto, they might be able to find a humanoid figure surrounded by a red and blue glow, flying low over the countryside. He might be doing flips or something every so often. Because, in the interim where his powers had gone, Sollux has finally realized that being able to fly all over the place with sheer psychic power? Is a hell of a lot of fun.]

[Of course, because of Fourth Wall Physics, he can hear what anyone shouts up to him, so if you beckon him closer (or even just say "What the hell is that blinking thing in the sky?") he'll land in front of you, panting and grinning like a maniac. This is pretty much the best mood he's seen since... well, since coming to Johto, especially since the voices of the dead are still not a thing.]

[He's just having way too much fun with these powers.]

[Otherwise, you're welcome to find him strolling along a Route, with grey skin and horns and all. His eyes are glowing red and blue behind the glasses, and his bag and other possessions are floating in the air next to him. His Pokemon have all been released, and after explaining the situation to them, he's let them walk alongside him for a while as well.]
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[Fortunately, Sollux's little run-in with the Yamasks had not been televised at any point. This is mostly because he was too busy hiding in corners and screaming about THE VOICESSSSSS. But before that had happened, he had also caught one of the little buggers, and it was now sitting in its Pokeball like a child in time-out because Sollux was angry at the Yamask that had made him flip his shit, and therefore the entire species had to suffer for it. He's really a very mature adult. Aren't journeys supposed to make people grow up?]

[But that is all in the past now, thank god, and as the feed begins, he's just sitting in the Pokemon Center's lobby petting his Absol. D'aww. How cute.]


[He glances over at a laptop sitting nearby. Of course this little nerd had bought himself a real live computer, even though he has a perfectly functional Gear right there.]

Sollux Captor reporting live from the shitty chunk of rock that is Cinnabar Island. According to everything I've seen and heard so far, there's supposed to be a Gym around here, but all I see is a Pokemon Center and a hell of a lot of Krabbies. What's the deal?
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[Attached to this post is a short audio file that seems to play itself automatically when the post is opened for the first time; even though the Gear says that Sollux posted this, the voice clearly isn’t his. It’s high and squeaky, just as grainy as any other Gear call, but the dialogue goes something like this – “Hi, Sollux! I just saw you get the Zephyr Badge from Falkner, that was so cool! Well, that’s all! Later!”]

[Who knows how Sollux did that, but he’s Sollux, so anyone who knows him probably shouldn’t have it come as much of a surprise. Another thing that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise is the fact that he looks absolutely miserable. Granted, Sollux looks absolutely miserable anyway, but judging from that audio post it seems like he’s actually justified this time; Sollux has apparently become the next victim of every Trainer’s sworn enemy…]

[…Juggler Irwin.]

Hey, I’ve got a question.

This asshole has been calling me incessantly about pretty much every step I took since leaving Goldenrod. He’s a fucking stalker.


So, how much do assassination services go for in the Kanto area? Johto too, for that matter?
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[In what is apparently becoming a recurring trend, Sollux doesn't look very happy as he turns on the PokéGear. Sure, he's covered in scratches and clearly hasn't slept well in days, despite the glasses hiding his tired eyes. There isa new Pokémon around him now, a small red and green dragonfly; it's not hard to guess at least one of the reasons why he's in such a sour state, because one of them is a Yanma, one of the rarest little buggers on the route north of Goldenrod. One wonders how long he spent looking for that thing.]

[The other reason would probably be the fact that he seemingly decided that his spirit animal is a Zapdos.]

[His previously black hair now has streaks of very yellowish blond in it, for one thing. And where it curled oddly before, each and every hair is now straight as a pin -- and at a seventy-five degree angle, sticking up from his head like he went Super Saiyan while no one was looking. The PokéGear is being held by Baltoy, whose limb can sometimes be seen repositioning the camera; Sollux seems unwilling to touch it himself, any more than he absolutely has to. Probably a wise decision, considering what he's learned on Alternia about tech and unchecked electricity.]

[But he doesn't seem to be ranting about this makeover today; he's not mentioning it at all, even though he certainly noticed. Instead, he looks up at the sky for a moment and back at the PokéGear. Apparently, someone has missed the demolition derby carried out on the local Pokémon Center, but what he heard from out on the Route is definitely not telling his survival instincts to go and check it out.] 

What the hell is happening back in Goldenrod? I just heard some fucking unholy noises from over there.
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[The feed clicks on to show a very angry black-haired boy, his background a striking contrast of gently shuffling leaves; it's obvious by the scenery that this kid hasn't gotten much farther than New Bark, and one might even be able to catch a glance of houses in the distance. Slightly visible off-screen is the limb of some kind of small brown Pokémon, spinning around rhythmically and humming its name in a low drone: Bal-toy. Bal-toy. Bal-toy. It seems this unfortunate tendency has put the newbie Trainer in something of a... mood. He turns around and swats the thing lightly with one hand, the other still holding onto his PokéGear.]

Will you shut up? I already have this music playing, I don't need you too.

[The Baltoy squeaks in surprise, but obliges, spinning silently now. The boy sighs deeply and returns his attention to the PokéGear. He commences speaking to the microphone now; several of his teeth are visibly pointed and oversized, to the degree where they give him a noticeable lisp. He's also wearing glasses with red and blue lenses -- making him immediately identifiable if you knew him in a past life.]

Okay, I don't know what kind of terrible fucking joke this is supposed to be, but I am really not in the mood for it. So congratulations, ED. You've actually managed to throw your shitty magic at things enough to do something of moderate skill and importance. Good job.

Now get me the fuck out!

[Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.]
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♊ swag bag basics:
-- 1 change of clothes.
-- 3 changes of undergarments
-- 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
-- clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves
-- Trainer Handbook
-- 1 sleeping bag
♊ sanitary miscellanea
♊ 4x Pokéballs
♊ Trainer Card (registered: Sollux Captor, Trainer ID 22413, hometown New Bark)
♊ Johto/Kanto Badge Case (Volcano Badge, Zephyr Badge, Hive Badge, Fog Badge, Mineral Badge, Plain Badge, Storm Badge)
♊ Laptop (gift from Aradia)



Jul. 8th, 2012 12:54 pm
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Text, video, or voice.
Note that Sollux might be sending you some viruses presents if you catch him in a bad mood...
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TA: a2 per a practiical requiirement for home2tuck character2, when typiing 2ollux wiill u2e thii2 really obnoxiiou2 pattern here.

It can definitely get annoying, so if you would like to opt out of all or part of the quirk, then please mention it here.

route 29

Jul. 6th, 2012 07:34 am
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Name: Gira
Personal Journal: [personal profile] murkrows
AIM/MSN: giratinium @ AIM
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: None

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holy reliic

Jun. 2nd, 2012 11:37 pm
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NAME: Gira
JOURNAL: [personal profile] murkrows
CONTACT INFO: [ profile] startropics

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